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Ananda’s Neo Kundalini YogaFear is something that can’t be avoided, even Fear is considered as the basic foundation of this life. Fear makes us become REACTIVE, provoking our Animal Instincts inside.

When we face a threat, otomatically, fear will appear, and spontaneouly we will act a reactive feed back action to counter any offensive-considered threat (fight), or we will run away (flight), where all animals will also do the same reaction, as observed and presented firstly by American Psycholog, Walter Bradford Cannon in the year of 1915.

Is this reaction of “Flight or Flight” considered normal happening to humanbeing as happening to animal?

Find the answer in Program : Fear Management

This program will take all of us to become RESPONSIVE (rather than REACTIVE) in transcending our FEAR, after we uncover and resolve our hidden fear in 5 layer of our consciousness, thru our comprehension of our fear and training

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