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As any other Ashram or Spiritual Commune, this Ashram too, is open for all those Pilgrims or Spiritual Travelers who intend to devote themselves to Inner Journey – Spiritual Sadhana or Practices, Meditation, Yoga, Seva or Service Activities, and Satsang or Being in the Company of Truth Seekers. This, certainly, is not a place for picnics, recreation, business, and etcetera. 

o   The pilgrims staying in this ashram are required to observe and adhere to truth, non-violence, self-discipline, and polite etiquette.

o   All pilgrims are advised to join in all the daily activities in the Ashram such as the Morning Meditation/Chanting to Awaken the Sun of Consciousness within; Agni Hotra, the Morning Fire Purification Ceremony; Yoga; Noon Meditation; Sunset Meditation; and. the Evening Satsang/Lectures/Kirtan and etcetera. Out of which, the Morning and Evening Sessions are Mandatory. Otherwise there is no point in staying in the Ashram.

o   Along with meditation, seva or service is an important and integral part of spiritual sadhana. Beside keeping their own rooms tidy and washing their own dishes, all seekers staying in the ashram who are fit and able are expected to contribute a minimum of 2 hours daily to selfless service such as gardening, computer work, editing and/or translating spiritual literature, and etcetera, as may be assigned to them. Unnecessary chatting /gossiping with others should be avoided.

o   The Ashram is not a hotel or guest-house. While staying in the Ashram, visitors are advised to refrain from visiting  places, which may distract them from their initial intention. Those who wish to visit such places should do so before arriving in the Ashram, or after departing.

o   All pilgrims (both men and women) are required to dress modestly and soberly, in a way that shows respect for the tradition of Ashram life. We request that no shorts, sleeveless shirts/low cut shirts, tight jeans, or other revealing clothing are worn. The ideal outfit is something like the Indian kurta pajama (a long, loose fitting shirt which hangs down to the knees, and trousers). Or, the traditional Balinese clothes for the men, as shown in the pictures.

o   A pilgrim is allowed to stay in the Ashram for a maximum of 15 days on the first visit. This period can be extended only with permission from the Ashram Management. In the case of extended stays, the accommodation may be shifted.

o   In the event that the administration asks the pilgrim to leave (even prior to the conclusion of the first 15 days), the pilgrim must vacate the premises immediately.

o   No strangers or persons who are not mentioned on the admission form are allowed to be invited or entertained in the rooms.

o   If a pilgrim has to leave for two or three days, he or she will have to inform the manager and will have to leave the keys to the room with the Ashram caretaker. If he or she has to leave for more than three days, he or she will have to vacate the room. Locking the room without providing information to the management is prohibited. If necessary, the management will open the room by breaking the lock.

o   It is the pilgrim’s responsibility to keep his/her room clean and tidy. Rooms should always remain in the same condition as when they were assigned.

o   Please refrain from picking flowers and littering.

o   If you are eating your meals at the ashram, please be punctual. Meals will only be served during the posted times.

o   It is prohibited to use playing cards, radios, or TVs (unless you are using is privately such as with earphones).

o   No pets are allowed.

o   The following are strictly prohibited: smoking, drinking intoxicants, using drugs, eating  non-vegetarian foods, playing cards, watching television, playing radios/cassette players loudly.

o   No one will have the rights and license of tenancy.

o   Each pilgrim will have to vacate the accommodation on the stipulated day, even before the management asks him/her to do so.

o   If you would like to donate for any of the Ashram’s Service and Humanitarian Activities, please insist on a receipt for your donation. Specify the cause to which you want to donate (e.g. food for the poor, schools, gurukuls/orphanages, medical camp, aarti, yagna,  accommodation, yoga and meditation programs, environmental programs, rural development, etc.)

o   Please do not oblige anyone by directly providing money, clothes or tips of any kind. This affects the discipline and management of the Ashram as well as negatively influences the divine, devoted feeling amongst the individuals here. Whatever help you want to give, please donate it to the office, and it will be distributed where it is most needed.

o   As far as possible, visitors should not arrive at the ashram at odd hours. Silence is appreciated at the Ashram from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.

Dress Code for Casual Visitors:

  1. Short or long sleeved tops which covers the shoulders;
  2. Puja Wear, Long Skirts, or Pants covering the knees.
  3. Men can choose to wear a Saput (Balinese Wrap) and a head dress but it is not compulsory.
  4. A sash with any of the above choice of dress is recommended.
  5. For the convenience of the visitors, the Ashram Store has some sarongs, shawl, puja dresses and etcetera for purchase.


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