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Ananda’s Neo Stress Management for Holistic HealthThis program is devised so that during the weekend or 2-3 days, one can develop his/her inner hidden potency thru stress releasing, emotion balancing, and mind revising, to remove all of the impediment that don’t support his/her self-development and self-realization, thru effective, secure and proven meditation technique trainings. This program will transform Stress to become Total Success.

Ananda’s Neo Stress Management  is devised by Interfaith Spiritual Humanist Anand Krishna, PhD and has been helping many participants since 1991 in Centre for Holistic Health and Meditation – Anand Ashram Foundation

This program is conducted in the open fresh air of Bukit Pelangi, on the interfaith complex applying strictly and consistently a non-smoking zone and vegetarian-only-food zone since the year of 2000.

Since 2019, One Earth Meditation Retreat Centre begins to open regular class of Ananda’s Neo Stress Management every Saturday Morning at 09.00 to 10.30.

It’s going to be a  happy unforgettable experience on weekend.

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